About Us:

We’re a new London-based consumer tech company on a mission to remove barriers between people and technology by designing intuitive and smart tech that improves our lives without getting in the way of it. Bringing back artistry, passion and trust, our technology will help people unlock new and meaningful experiences not just in consumer electronics, but in life, too.

We are looking to hire a graphic designer. This person will be working closely with our marketing head to create visual assets for the marketing campaigns. The successful candidate will be a strategic individual with 3 years of graphic design experience in a rapidly growing business environment. This role will be ever changing and will require the candidate to be flexible and open-minded, detail oriented, and processes driven.


  • Be able to conceptualize design ideas that are applicable to brand image, strategy and product selling points, and creative campaign objectives;
  • Creation of assets for campaign visuals, including but not restricted to keynotes, event visual, social media post, website, ecommerce, offline materials and others as required;
  • Execute retouching, resizing and color correcting for templated materials according to brand VI and platform requirements;
  • Maintenance and gate keeper of all graphic and video assets;
  • Follow HQ’s brand VI and requirements from the regional design director.


  • Bachelor’s degree in art/design/creative multimedia/industrial design or equivalent;
  • Must have 2 to 3 years of work experience in digital graphic design and development;
  • Previous working experience with young/popular/premium brands is a plus;
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop and Illustrator;
  • Excellent time management and organization skills are required;
  • Submission of sample work portfolio is required.