About Us:

We’re a new London-based consumer tech company on a mission to remove barriers between people and technology by designing intuitive and smart tech that improves our lives without getting in the way of it. Bringing back artistry, passion and trust, our technology will help people unlock new and meaningful experiences not just in consumer electronics, but in life, too.

We are looking to hire a sales director. This person will be working closely with the Head of India to lead the sales team and to coordinate with the marketing team. The successful candidate will be a strategic individual with 6 years of either online or offline sales experience in the consumer electronics industry. This role will be ever challenging and will require the candidate to be leadership and open-minded, detail oriented, and result driven.


  • Develop Innovative Sales Opportunities: Finding new ways to build and grow online sales is a primary task for online sales managers. They work with their team to find new ways to promote a product or service and create incentive plans to achieve marketing goals.
  • Work with Clients to Establish Goals: Online sales managers develop positive client relationships and work closely with clients to establish marketing goals and implement a strategy that meets their requirements. A key part of this is understanding the clients’ needs so that products can be tailored to them.
  • Make Sales Forecasts: Online sales managers observe market trends and online sales data to develop sales forecasts, which they use to build effective strategies.
  • Create Sales Reports: Online sales managers need to produce regular reports to highlight successes and failures and to showcase areas for improvement. This includes monitoring sales calls, new and closed sales, and any follow-up activities that may occur after a campaign has run.
  • Train Staff: Online sales managers oversee a marketing team. This part of their role involves hiring and training new and existing staff on the latest sales techniques, online trends, and software. They also ensure that all members of the sales team comply with company policies, procedures, and business regulations.


  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Online/Internet Marketing, or other internet marketing-related studies or equivalent;
  • Minimum 3 years of progressive experience in online sales, advertising and sponsorship sales work with particular emphasis in digital/online media advertising sales;
    • Must have expert-level knowledge in the advertising and sponsorship sales field with proven, verifiable success stories in Consumers Electronics brand or e-commerce platform as well as advertising and media buying agencies and marketing organizations.
    • It is crucial that the incumbent be able to think big and is able to serve as a champion of the GTW brand and products while persuasively selling the benefits of online advertising and overcoming any objections.
  • Candidates must demonstrate exceptional communications in phone, written and face-to-face settings including presentations to large groups of high-level marketing executives;
  • Commitment to creativity, innovation, excellence, and great ideas;
  • Working experience in or with Flipkart and/or Amazon is a plus;
  • Working experience in smartphone company is a plus.